Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Best shop ever, the Bert's Bierhuis

There is a shop I like a lot in Utrecht and that's the Bert's bierhuis. This is a shop in the old town, close to the main canal of the city, and as its name says it is a Beer House. This place is a paradise if you like beer, they have so many different types of beers that you literally don't know what to buy! Always I go there I have problems not deciding what to take with me, but what not to take with me.

Sign of the temple, follow the light that leads to heaven

They have beers from all around the world, and also they sell glasses and stuff. They claim to have 800 different beer but I think they must have even more. So if you like beer and you are in Utrecht don't miss the chance of going there! The address is Twijnstraat 41, 3511 ZH, Utrecht.

Here you have some shoots of the shop:


  1. I love Utrecht, and I like beer too, so I think I'd like that place.

    1. Definitely you would like it, it's an amazing shop :)