Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring has arrived to The Netherlands!!

Now it is official, Spring is here!! It arrived last Sunday, it was a wonderful and unexpected sunny day so my girlfriend decided it was a good day for a bicycle ride somewhere around Utrecht. As I have said before I am extremely lazy guy, I was expecting to spend the day just lying in the coach or playing computer games or something like that but she decided that going out and enjoying the day was a much better option. She was right (of course).

So we went to Houten, a little village south-west of Utrecht, she wanted to see some works that are going on in the south of the village. She is engineer and works doing the technical drawings that after a while become real things in the real world, that's something cool, I am programmer so nobody understands what I do... Well, the point is that they are building a nice neighborhood there, it is like a castle, with a pit, and inside it is the village and so on, and she drew the bridges over the pit so she wanted to see them. The works aren't very advanced yet due to the economic crisis but they are going on.

After that we went to the center of Houten, there was some kind of fair going on and they had these attractions and techno music and people having fun... I guess we were too tired for enjoying it so we decided to sit on a sunny terrace and have a couple of beers and some bitterballen -I will post about bitterballen in the future as I find them a BASIC of the Dutch kitchen-.

So that's how Spring comes to The Netherlands, it is not that March the 21st Spring arrives... you know that it is here first because the country stinks, then when you are able to ride the bicycle just with a sweater and you need your sun glasses, and third point is when you can sit in a terrace under the sun without freezing yourself.

The day ended very good, we had a nice dinner, home made hamburger with french fries and home made Tzatziki and I drank a nice beer from North Brabant, Dn Osse Kop, that can be translated as The ox's head or something like that. Here there is a picture of my nice nice dinner:

That beer was really good!! I should buy more!


  1. enjoy the sun! and don´t be so lazy, videogames can wait for rainy days

  2. You know that at the end I always do what I have to do :)