Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday's music: The Slackers - Everyday is Sunday

Monday! Might be that you are a bit jet-lagged still with the time savings change but, yep, it is Monday again. I want to bring you today a song by the New York ska band The Slackers. I think they are a great band... and they are coming to Old Europe! Here you have the tour days, doesn't fit too well for me, but let's see if I can make it to Dordrecht. 

I have never seen them but I have heard that they are awesome on stage. I knew they were coming because I saw the flyer when I went to see The Real McKenzies and Circle J to Dordrecht some time ago, but still I am not able to plan something.

This song goes to everyone that is unemployed, too much people in Spain I am afraid... Well, I just hope you enjoy it:

The Slackers - Everyday is Sunday
Everyday is Sunday
when you're unemployed
Sounds pretty good man
I should be overjoyed

Every day is Sunday
Friday never comes

Do you think I should write a novel
Maybe write some songs
I'll show you I'm the genius
You thought I was all along

Every day is Sunday
Friday never comes

I've got nothing to do
But sit here
Staring at you
And you've got
Nothing to say
I wanna hear
You've got
Nothing to say
So I'm just
Wasting away
I guess I'll
Go outside and do nothing

Everyday is sunday
when you're unemployed
Every tomorrow is monday
Every tomorrow is monday


  1. I saw them a few times in Madrid, London and in the Erromo's Ska Festival and i'm thinking t go to Bilbao this month to see them again. I like them so much and now, since yesterday, that's my song haha

  2. I am sorry to hear that man! Hope you get something soon.

    About The Slackers I met them through you so what can I say? :P
    Enjoy it if you go to the gig, I think at the end it will be impossible for me to attend the concert on Dordrecht :(