Friday, March 16, 2012

Day trip to Giethoorn and Kampen

Last Saturday we were going to 's-Hertogenbosch -everybody calls it Den Bosch , why to put such a strange name to a city? Anyway, I am basque, I should be used to strange names-, the point is that we were going to spend the day in Den Bosch but they were working on the railway so there were no trains and I really didn't feel like going by bus so we decided to go to other place with the car.
A canal in Giethoorn

A friend suggested to go to Giethoorn, a village some kilometers north to Zwolle, the capital of the province of Overijsel, and after checking the guide we saw that was pointed out as one of the most beautiful villages in The Netherlands, and nearby there was another city that looked pretty cool so there we went.
Soon we realized that the village was not exactly "one of the most beautiful villages of the country", at least not in Winter, there was barely nothing to do there. The guide said that was great to rent a boat and see the village from there, but as we arrived to the village I saw some people on a little boat and they have more face of "it is freezing here" than "it is the day of my life!" so we just walked a bit around the village and then we moved to Kampen. Anyway the village was nice and the road that leads to it was very nice all between farms and things like that but didn't worth the 130km we did to go there. I took some pictures, the weather, as almost always, was not the best but anyway, here you are:

Actually the canals were nice but nothing really spectacular

This is like a windmill but lacking the part that makes it a windmill... it's like a giraffe with short neck

Kampen in the other hand was an unexpected wonderful medieval town. It is very well preserved and it has an impressive harbor full of nice sailing ships. The old town was surrounded by walls and you can still see several of the gates that allowed the entrance to the city. The inner town is very cozy, with small shopping streets and beautiful old houses. We walked around the city for a while and then we went to have a beer to a nice pub. I liked this not very well known town very much, here there are some pictures:

Building in the market square

One of the city doors

A smith called Jan something, lots of Jans in The Netherlands...

Another city door

The harbor with nice sail ships

The old town hall with a church at the end of the street

Let's see where do I go next...

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