Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday's music: Berritxarrak - Libre ©

Monday 23th April, today it is a festivity day in a lot of places in Spain. It is the National Day of Castile, this day it is celebrated that citizens revolted against Charles V, Emperor of half of the known world in 1502 in the so called "Revolt of the Comuneros". That was a pretty advance revolution for that time, you can read more about in Wikipedia.

It is also Saint George, Patron Saint of Aragón and Catalunya. In Aragón it is celebrated a victory against the Muslims' forces during the Reconquista and in Catalunya the day is celebrated giving roses and books. I was not in any of these places today so I had to work haha but I woke up today thinking in this song don't know exactly why. Maybe because we should do as the Comuneros and revolt against this ugly world where we are trapped.

The song is from one of the best and more international Basques bands of the moment, Berritxarrak, meaning Bad News, and the song is titled Free ©. This band really rocks so if you have the chance of seeing them live do not hesitate on doing it, they are very great! I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Madurodam, a minycity in the middle of Holland

It has become a tradition for my parents and my parents in law since we live in the Netherlands to come to visit us in Easter. That's pretty cool, and it forces us to think about new places to see, this year we have been two days in The Netherlands and three in Wallonia, in Belgium. 

Alkmaar's cheese market

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday's Music: Queen - Don't stop me now

Monday! Last week I was half of it on holiday visiting a couple of places in The Netherlands and I went also for three days to Wallonia, in Belgium so this week I will talk about nice places to visit, but today it is music day!

This is a great song from one of the best bands ever. I am not a Queen big fan, probably because I really dislike Bohemian Rhapsody and I think unconsciously that makes me not to listen to them. Anyway as I said they are one of the best bands ever so they deserve to be here :)

Energy to end the day! Lyrics are on the video or in this website.

Enjoy it:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday's Music: Leningrad - Mamba Huyamba

Monday! And bank day in The Netherlands! So it is like Sunday for some people... I am on vacation until Wednesday so I am pretty happy, I will post later about these days, probably I will have something to tell about it, even if you don't want to hear it :P

So let's go with another positive song! This is a ska song from the Russian band Leningrad that I like quite a lot (the song I mean, the band I almost don't know it), and I find the video very funny, even if I don't understand the lyrics at all. A Russian friend said that it was talking about vodka, no wonder! And the guy who appears in the video is the singer, may you think is another famous guy. Here you have the lyrics in Russian, if you translate them in google translate... it just makes no sense!!

By the way, the music is from The Prodigy, another great band. There you are with these crazy Russians:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring bock beer festival in Utrecht

Last Saturday and Sunday there was in the center of Utrecht a small beer festival organized by Café Ledig Erf, a very nice bar that organizes several activities along the year.They organize (at least) two beer festivals per year, one in spring with Spring Bock beer and another in autumn with Autumn Bock beer. If we look to the weather this spring festival would have fit better in autumn because it was quite chilly during the day and even it rained a bit during the night.

Nice beer!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday's music: La pegatina - Tomasín

A bit late this week, it is almost Tuesday and I haven't posted since last week, but I have been a bit tired lately. So let's start the week with energy! This is La Pegatina, a band from Barcelona that make Catalan Rumba. It is not really my style but first time I listened to them it was just... amazing!! And live they are even better, I saw them last year in Utrecht, in a very nice festival that is organized every year in Julianapark, The Wereldfeest (World festival). If you have the chance of seeing them don't hesitate they are very cool!

And here it is a positive song for ending the Monday: