Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday's Music: Leningrad - Mamba Huyamba

Monday! And bank day in The Netherlands! So it is like Sunday for some people... I am on vacation until Wednesday so I am pretty happy, I will post later about these days, probably I will have something to tell about it, even if you don't want to hear it :P

So let's go with another positive song! This is a ska song from the Russian band Leningrad that I like quite a lot (the song I mean, the band I almost don't know it), and I find the video very funny, even if I don't understand the lyrics at all. A Russian friend said that it was talking about vodka, no wonder! And the guy who appears in the video is the singer, may you think is another famous guy. Here you have the lyrics in Russian, if you translate them in google translate... it just makes no sense!!

By the way, the music is from The Prodigy, another great band. There you are with these crazy Russians:


  1. I have no idea what they are singing, but the music is catchy, and that video is pretty funny! Google translate usually doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I tried translating one of my posts with it once, and the result was hilariously stupid.

  2. Hey, how do you do the dynamic taglines at the top of your blog? That's cool!

  3. Yep, this band rocks, not understanding them it's no problem :P

    I have sent you an email about the other question, I hope it is clear, but my explanation skills are a bit too bad I think!