Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday's Music: Queen - Don't stop me now

Monday! Last week I was half of it on holiday visiting a couple of places in The Netherlands and I went also for three days to Wallonia, in Belgium so this week I will talk about nice places to visit, but today it is music day!

This is a great song from one of the best bands ever. I am not a Queen big fan, probably because I really dislike Bohemian Rhapsody and I think unconsciously that makes me not to listen to them. Anyway as I said they are one of the best bands ever so they deserve to be here :)

Energy to end the day! Lyrics are on the video or in this website.

Enjoy it:


  1. I am a big Queen fan. We have a Queen cd in the car that we listen to everytime we go on a long trip. Good song!

    1. In my car I have a cd with the best of the best of rock 'n roll and for some strange reason this song doesn't appear, it does appear Bohemian Rhapsody though, and it is most of times censored by myself :)

      But yeah!, this song rocks, I find it very positive and energizing. Good for rainy days!