Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring bock beer festival in Utrecht

Last Saturday and Sunday there was in the center of Utrecht a small beer festival organized by Café Ledig Erf, a very nice bar that organizes several activities along the year.They organize (at least) two beer festivals per year, one in spring with Spring Bock beer and another in autumn with Autumn Bock beer. If we look to the weather this spring festival would have fit better in autumn because it was quite chilly during the day and even it rained a bit during the night.

Nice beer!

The festival was organized with two bars with 7 or 8 different kind of Lentebock (spring bock in Dutch) beer in each, so in total around 15 different beers. To get the beer you had to pay with festival coins, they could be got in the cash tent, where you also needed to get an official glass to drink. The glass was three euros that they returned you at the end if you returned the glass, and each beer was one coin (each coin was three euros). 

One of the bars

Between the two bars there was a stage and at night there was concerts, it was pretty cool because a band from Utrecht called Kalio Gayo was playing, we met this band one day that played with Circle J, and it is pretty crazy band. They make Balcanic folk music, kind of gypsy folk and they sing in a language that they invented, so nobody understands a thing, but it is great fun! Check them out in this video or visit their official website.

This is a goat!
Going back to the important stuff, Bock means goat in some language (I think it is in German) so that's why normally Bock beer is represented with a goat. So then we can assume that a Bock festival is not a good bock festival without goats, in this one there were two... they even bleated and I saw one of them eating leafs from a plant, I swear that I saw her! But I didn't have my camera ready so I couldn't take a picture of it, a pity!

For the beer geek ones that want to know which beers there were available there is a list in the official website -in Dutch- Most of them were Dutch beers, which I liked it, as Dutch beer is not so famous as Belgian beer but there are really good breweries. I tried three different beers, the Jopen, from Haarlem, Maximus from Utrecht and the third one the Lente Zontje, from the brewery De Molen, in South Holland. The three of them were gorgeous but if I have to pick just one I would go for the Maximus.

The goat and the goat-male, do not translate it to Spanish!!

Well, this was about the beer festival, I had a very good time, mind you that I was not going out at all, just to have a beer in the afternoon, and I ended up dancing in a pub... but that's another story! 

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