Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Madurodam, a minycity in the middle of Holland

It has become a tradition for my parents and my parents in law since we live in the Netherlands to come to visit us in Easter. That's pretty cool, and it forces us to think about new places to see, this year we have been two days in The Netherlands and three in Wallonia, in Belgium. 

Alkmaar's cheese market

First day in The Netherlands we went to Madurodam and Delft. Madurodam is an open air museum-park-whatever that has representation of the most remarkable constructions in the country in a scale 1:25. It has been closed for the last couple of years because they were renewing it and now it looks pretty nice, although it was not 100% finished.

You can walk there between the Rijksmuseum, Utrecht's Dom tower, the Dutch Royal Palace or the Euromast while trains and hi-speed trains run around. It is specially nice for kids as they (hehe, and not so kids) can play with a recreation of a dam system, put out fire from a boat or load and unload a cargo ship.

It is located in Scheveningen, a neighborhood of The Hague with unpronounceable name. Entrance is 14,50 euros, maybe a bit too much, but everything is expensive in The Netherlands, good point is that as far as I can remember, money was for charity.

Anyway here you have some pics, and next stop, Delft:

Amsterdam view, Muntplein and Ana Frank house

Schiphol airport

Flower farm

Maeslantkering, impressive engineering works in Rotterdam's port 


  1. Delft is nice, and I went to Madurodam when I was a kid. I remember having fun, but it was so long ago that I don't remember exactly what I saw. Maybe it's time to go back. The next time I'm in Holland, I'll see about taking the kids there.

    1. Yes, Delft is a very nice town. I went there in January with some friends but it was already dark and we couldn't see anything so we decided to go back with our parents, hopefully soon (this week or next one) I will post some pics about it.

      This was my first time in Madurodam and I must say that it was funny for me but definitely for children. It's cool to see all the trains running and the buildings and stuff like that.

      Thanks for the comment ;)