Friday, February 24, 2012

The Netherlands smell to shit (and I like it)

Yep, that's it. I had to tell it to the world. Actually to say that it smells to cow shit is a bit more accurate... and that's because farmers are getting all the cow shit they can and throwing it into their fields. Ok, it is probably not cow shit, more likely it is some kind of product to make your potatos grow altius, fortius, citius but still it stinks. And I like it not because of the smell, which is disgusting, but because it means that spring is coming! 

I have to drive quite some kilometers from home sweet home to my office (not so sweet office) and all around the highway there are fields so you can imagine... but even in Utrecht, depends from where the wind blows  you can smell it, and that is something I also like. Again not the smell but I like that a city like Utrecht, the fourth biggest city of The Netherlands, it smells like a village, and it looks like a village, with all the small houses and so on, it's something I really appreciate from it. You don't have the feeling of being in a big opressive city but still has all the facilities of a big city, lots of cultural activities, a huge university, lots of pubs, cafés and restaurants, a nice Conservatorium and people from all over the world mixed with the local Dutch people. Really it is a great city!

So yeah, spring is coming and I am looking forward to it, looking forward to barbacue in the garden or in the University, looking forward to the crowded terraces, looking forward to go around with the bike, looking forward to lay on the park having a beer and something to eat while doing basically nothing... and this winter hasn't been so hard, just a couple of weeks very cold, but in general it has been quite ok, let's see if spring comes with good weather and we can enjoy it!

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