Friday, May 25, 2012

Final of the King's Cup. Let's go Athletic!

Again here to talk about other thing not directly related to the topic of the blog, that somehow I don't know anymore what it is. Today is the final of the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey is called -King's Cup-, I prefer to call it Generalisimo's Cup, so funny I am) and I am in my beloved Bilbao to enjoy the atmosphere.

I have gone out to hunt a suit for a wedding I am assisting this summer and the city is just great! It is sunny and warm and there are tons of people dressed in red and white, the colors of the team. We are playing against FC Barcelona, they are supposed to be very good, let's see what happens! I hope we win but I must admit that is pretty difficult.

Town has gone crazy with the team and there are a lot of huge screens all over the city and in nearby towns, there are also concerts going on and street pubs and, of course, the regular pubs. In 10 minutes I am heading to the old town to have some beers with my friends and have lunch and then to have more beers until the match (22:00 at night, I hope I can make it till then, but I am afraid that means 11 hours of beer... we will see)

Match is played in Madrid, I hope everything goes ok but it seems that our politicians are more stupid (if possible) than I thought and they have allowed a fascist demonstration there, the very same day that the city will be fully packed with Basque and Catalonian people that goes to the match and to enjoy the atmosphere. Well, that's what happens when you have fascist politicians.

Let's go Athletic! Let's make it this time! Nice song in English (great pronuntiation haha) about the team:

Now and always, Hup Athletic!

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