Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's music: Banda Jachis - La bandera de la libertad

Monday! This week Thursday is public holiday in The Netherlands and my company has given us for free also Friday which makes me very happy! It is some kind of Catholic day that I don't really care about, for me it is enough to know that I don't have to work :)

This song brings me back to the end of the 90s, when I was a little guy discovering the wide world of Bilbao. I remember going with some friends to a pirate radio station in the city, the Irola Irala Irratia (Radio Irola from Irala more or less). Some Sunday afternoons we went there and saw how people did their programs, mostly talking about punk, anarchism and other stuff like that, with lots of music on them, and there is where I discovered great bands such as this one.

Banda Jachis that can be translated as "Hash Band" is one of the greatest punk-rock-reggae-ska bands of the 90s. I never understood why Spanish punk bands had to have such names "Alcoholic Inc.", "Hash Band", "Segismundo Drugaddict" (Segismundo is a Spanish old fashioned name) and so on... related to drugs anyway they are better than other names I have seen around.

This band stopped playing in 2002 and now they have come back, I have never seen them and it is a pity because I really like their music, full of energy and lyrics that make you think about life, society and politics.

Today I want to bring here a song called "Freedom's flag" from their second LP, I hope you enjoy it. I translated the lyrics myself so might be that is not entirely correct, but in the youtube video you have the Spanish lyrics:

Banda Jachis -  Freedom's flag

Freedom's flag has no color
no flavor, cannot be touched,
but it can be felt although they say you cannot

It does not hang with the UE one,
nor with the NATO,
with no institution based on authority
Freedom's flag is inside you

It has no mast to hold it (You are the stem, buddy!)
It has no rope to raise it or lower it (or strangle it)
Wind cannot move it because it is in the air 
(and with your blow) we are closer to enjoy it!

Freedom's flag!
so much progress and cannot be drawn
Freedom's flag!
so much time and so much wasted cloth
Freedom's flag!
so much fight and so much fresh blood
Freedom's flag!
and so much fear has been created around it...

(repeat the song again)

Freedom's flag has no color... or Freedom has no flag!

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