Thursday, May 10, 2012

It could not be, now let's think in the next Cup

It could not be. Athletic was not strong enough yesterday night. We missed a lot of passes giving away the ball lots of times while Atletico de Madrid was very strong in defense, in midfield and in attack. So they had everything to win and so they did. They scored pretty early a brilliant goal and a bit later the second one that was a dead warrant for us, nevertheless we tried thousands of times to break their defense but was like waves hitting the cliffs. The 3-0 came at the end of the match when everything was already decided.

Well, I can only congratulate Atletico de Madrid for their great match and the title. Also for the great gesture they had when they made a corridor for the rival players. I think that in any sport  players should be gentlemen, specially footballers, as thousands of people watch them all around the globe and children take them as example.

Corridor that Atletico de Madrid did to Athletic's players after the match. Picture taken from

In two weeks we are playing the final of the Spanish Cup against Barcelona, another very difficult match so I hope that players learn what they have to learn from this last match and forget what they have to forget.

Now and always, Hup Athletic!

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