Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday's Music: Guns N'Roses - Paradise city

Monday! And I haven't posted these past days not for laziness but because I had been on Holiday in Italy. In Florence more exactly. Despite the weather -some times warm as hell's fire and some times rainy as Indian monsoons-, the earthquake that hit the north of the county, mafia's terrorist attacks and my expired passport we made it to go and get back. We didn't feel the earthquake because it hit at night and we were too tired to feel anything but a friend that lived next to the B&B we were staying at said that she woke up really frightened as the house was shaking violently. We had a really great time and I will post about it in the future, I am still busy with the Easter holidays!! I hope this week I can spend some time writing about it to get up to date as soon as possible.

So a quick song (meaning I don't have to translate the lyrics) before I go to bed from one of the greatest bands ever, I think everybody knows them, or at least everybody should!! This video is very nice, I like it specially so there you go. Enjoy it! (Lyrics)


  1. Guns N´Roses! Hey, that takes me back to my high school and college years. There was a pirate radio station that used to play them a lot. Sweet Child O'Mine is my favorite song of theirs. :)

    Wow, lucky you, on holiday in Italy. Sounds like quite an adventure, good thing you didn't feel the earthquake...I've been in a few, and it's not fun.

    1. Great band, Sweet Child O'Mine is also one of my favorites, in general the Appetite for Destruction is a MUST for whoever likes music.

      Yep, earthquake means no fun at all, luckily I have never felt one on my own, let's keep it that way :)