Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday's music: Frank Sinatra - New York, New York

It's Monday and I have been extremely lazy lately, also that I have been busy in the office doing boring things and that means that I arrive home bored and I don't feel like writing anything, some times it's pretty frustrating these things, but you don't always have all the fun you want in the office, right?

Also last Monday was bank day in The Netherlands, it was the Queen's day, when the Netherlands go crazy and drink beer as if there were no tomorrow, so I told myself that I totally have to integrate myself in the local culture. It's already the third time I integrate  in this party :D Every year goes a bit better than the year before. Anyway others have talked about it better than I could, and I am not really in the mood of extending myself very much. So maybe next year I talk about it.

Other new I've recently received is that my company has been bought by a huge American company settled in New York. Horray!! Or not, we will see. It looks promising as I think if they are clever and we are clever we can really make a good deal out of this, and I think they (and we) are clever enough but you never know in these cases.

So well, still a bit on the edge of happiness and mistrust, but I think it is normal when a huge company buys a small one. So thinking about the States and New York it came to my mind this wonderful song that Frank Sinatra make it so famous. I think lyrics are not really needed but here you can read them.

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