Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ice Skating in a canal in Utrecht

Yesterday night I went to see Circle J and The Real McKenzies to the Bibelot venue, in Dordrecht. The show was great, as always, these two bands always perform incredibly good, they are just awesome, and the new songs from Circle J sounded very good. 

That's how everything started

Today I was thinking on doing basically nothing but then a friend phoned me in the morning offering me a very cool plan, going to ice skate on the frozen canals of Utrecht. She had an extra pair of skates exactly my size so there we went. I must say that had never ice skated before so this was my first experience. I used to inline skate when I was younger, just before I discovered how good beer is :)

For being the first time I am quite proud of myself, I only felt two times and one of them was due to the irregularities on the ice, it was pretty bad quality, was too wrinkled so it was not so easy to keep balance on it. On addition to it I had long blade skates with soft shoes (not even boots), which are very good for long distance but more difficult to use. Anyway I did my best and I had a very good time.

That guy that almost falls a couple of times is me

Tomorrow is Sunday and FC Utrecht is playing against ADO Den Haag so I hope they do their best and win so we don't go to second division next year. I will be cheering them in Galgenwaard (the stadium).

Weekend is going great, let's see how it finishes.

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