Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valencia, a lesson for Spain

Spain is sinking. It has been sinking for years already and every day it sinks a bit more. The main problem is that it's not only sinking economically but also morally and of course, democratically. I never really believed in democracy; since I started to think by myself I started to say that introducing a paper in a box each four years is not really democracy, it's just delegating your vote and your rights (but not your obligations) to another guy that, very likely, you don't know. That's the reason why I have only voted once in my life. Once I even had to stay in the voting school for the whole day and I didn't vote.

Eat democracy, you dirty scum! Picture taken from www.publico.es

But I don't want to talk about what I do or I don't do regarding the elections, I want to talk about what is happening in Valencia. Valencia is known because of it's coast, the hundreds of kilometers of first line beach apartments the America Cup and the Formula 1. It's also the region that opened an airport without airplanes, the region that has such a huge debt that they cannot pay the schools or the health system.

For that reason there have been (and still are) mobilizations on the city. Students started their protest against the cuts on the education system and there they appeared the cops to start the party. I am really convinced that in Spain the only requirement to be a cop is just have no brain. Have no ideas. Have no dignity. They went to Lluis Vives High School, where under-aged students were protesting against all the shit that is happening in the region, asking the government for solutions for the bad situation, asking them to pay the bills so they could have heating in the school. Heating in the school!!

So there they were the students and the cops started to push away the students to avoid them to cut the streets, one was arrested and spent 30 hours in jail in the police station. After that the demonstrations have continued going on, each day bigger than the day before, and each day it passes, cops are more violent.

Some people were calling the cops "fascists" as if it was an insult. In this case it isn't, is just the true. The Chief Officer of the Police is a known fascist, who is close friend to the leader of the fascist political party "España 2000". So this guy is who orders what the cops have to do or they haven't.

Policemen are such cowards and so miserable that they even went to hospitals and health centers to command doctors to give them the medical report of the demonstrators that went there because of the beatings. Of course this is illegal, but who gives a fuck? Their argument is if you don't give us the reports you go to the police station

If these things were happening in, I don't know, let's say a random country... Libya! Then Libya is a dictatorship, with a very bad guy who beats up it's citizens. If it happens in China, it's the evil communists beating their own people!! But when these shit happens in Europe, in democratic Europe, then countries have the right and the obligation to do it without any complain. Do not misunderstand me, I am not supporting Libya or China.

I am very proud of the young -and not so young- guys and girls of Valencia who are fighting for a better future. All my support for them and for all the people that is fighting for a their future around the whole world.

Here you have some pictures and some videos of what happened:


  1. Totally agree.
    Now the The Chief Officer of the Police says that the students are "THE ENEMY". The enemy? You, the other politicians - specially the ones that are saying that the cops are right and the students are violent radicals- and the cops, are the enemy.
    Now, anger and frustration.
    Sorry about the english, Mr. Basquetard.

  2. Yeah, I was gonna talk about that also but I thought the post was already too long so I didn't mention it.

    Thanks for the comment!

    And as you have been the first in comment (ever) you may have won a cd of a random band haha See you!

  3. Random band? Maybe a Porreta's cd? xD