Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Jagerteam's Pintxos Championship

As I said in last post the other day we organized a "pintxos contest" at our place with some friends, here I will show you what we ate and how I prepared my pintxo:

I will start with my pintxo: apple's mousse with caramelized onion, small pieces of old sheep cheese and mashed nuts. I wanted to add also a reduction of Porto wine, but it got sooooo reduced that got glued to the pan :)

This one was the first we ate and was prepared by a Catalonian friend, it was artichoke's heart wrapped with toasted bacon:

A friend of Madrid prepared these filled eggs that were delicious, the ingredients: boiled eggs, tuna and black olives, you have to mix the tuna, the olives and part of the egg yolk and then fill the eggs with the mixture:

One of the ones I liked most was the next one, Salmorejo Cordobés with ibérico ham and boiled egg on a slice of toasted bread. Salmorejo is a tomato juice with bread, garlic, olive oil and vinegar. You just have to spread the Salmorejo on the bread and add the ibérico ham and the boiled egg cut in pieces:

My girlfriend and the winner did a warm pintxo out of contest (as an extra), it consisted on fried blood sausage with pinions and honey wrapped with filo pastry. The black sauce you see is reduction of Modena vinegar:

A friend from Valencia prepared a very typical Catalonian and Mediterranean pintxo, Pa amb tomaquet. Bread with tomato. He added also ibérico ham. This is a very easy and very good pintxo, you just need to toast the bread, spread the tomato on it and add the slices of ham:

The next pintxo is very typical from Canary Islands, papa arrugá con mojo picón. I don't really know how this is done, I think you have to put the potatoes in the oven until the skin gets wrinkled, the sauce is basically red paprika with tomato, chili and garlic:

This is the one my girlfriend did for the contest, very simple but delicious, it's a slice of bread with grilled paprika, an anchovy, half boiled egg spread with garlic mayonnaise and a shrimp:

This one was a breeze of freshness, Mascarpone cheese with avocado and smoked salmon, very fresh:

Next one was done by a Dutch friend: Spanish omelet with red paprika and artichoke, she said it was the first Spanish omelet she did... well, was really really good, so she should continue that way :)

And the winner! A friend from Madrid was the winner, she prepared a very nice pintxo: Chicken breast on Coca-cola sauce, with goat honeyed cheese and dried onion. Presentation was very good and tasted really nice:

And now the deserts, three pintxos:

Three chocolates shot; black, milk and white chocolate in the same glass, it's amazing!

Old dutch cheese with green little paprikas and grapes. This is something typical Dutch; flavors mix very well:

And last but not least, toasted bread with sugar and strawberries and banana covered by chocolate:

So that was all, I can tell you we ate A LOT! But it was worthy, we had a great time, let's see if next time I come up with a nice idea to win haha

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