Friday, February 3, 2012

It's snowing in Sunny Netherlands!

Finally the snow is here!! We have been the whole week with freezing temperatures, maximum always below zero but very sunny and dry and today morning it has started to snow!! When I was in the office this morning my girlfriend told me that it was already snowing in Utrecht, and before lunch it started to snow also in North Brabant (where I work) so I decided to go home after lunch to avoid traffic jams. I think that is one of the best ideas I have ever had -I means my girlfriend-, this afternoon there were 800km of traffic jams in the whole country. Might seem that is not so much traffic for a country, but take in account that that's like going from the northernmost point of the country to the southernmost point in the country and back again. Not to talk about the trains, a complete chaos all over the country and specially in Utrecht, the main station in The Netherlands. Amsterdam's airport also had a lot of troubles with delayed planes and so on.

Nice view, but be careful where you step, this is kind of the dog toilet of the area :)

As I arrived to Utrecht early I didn't have troubles in the highway and I went to walk around the neighborhood to take a couple of pictures while I smoked a cigarette. I like the feeling of walking on the snow while it is still snowing hard, it is something you don't do everyday unless you live far in the north, and for a southron like me it is even stranger. I must say that in my city snow is not so common but now it is also snowing quite hard. Anyway, it is very nice that we have snow, tomorrow it's gonna be sunny again so most of the snow will became ice and that won't be so funny but so far so good.

Here you have some mroe pictures of my neighborhood snowed:

Typical dutch, a lot of bikes... but with nice snow on them!

I can assure you this is a fountain, just frozen and with a lot of snow on it.

Someone wants to barbecue? That't what we use the garden normally but I guess it's not the best moment for the barbecue... maybe other day 

And that's all, after taking these pictures I went back home and continue working so nothing very special. Tomorrow I will go to the center, let's see if there is still something interesting to take pictures or it is all a big black snow mess...

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