Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow in Utrecht!

Last weekend was pretty cold in The Netherlands but it was sunny and not windy so we decided to go to the center to take some pictures. We walked a bit around the center, it was very beautiful to see the city covered with snow but at the same time a blue sky and a very sunny day. It was like -5ºC or - 7ºC but if you were in the sunny side of the street it was very nice, in the shadow was not so nice though.

Here you have some pictures from our "expedition":

This first picture is in the Oudgracht, or Old Canal. It is the main canal in Utrecht and a very beautiful place. As you can see it has two levels, the street level and the canal level, in the street level is were all the shops are and the canal level, with better weather, is full of terraces. Most of the businesses on the canal are restaurants, discos and things like that.

This next one is in the Domplein, or Dom Square, and it's where the Cathedral sits, it's a nice Square, the building in the picture is one of the nicest in Utrecht (in my opinion). I don't exactly know what it is or what it was but now is owned by the University of Utrecht, like lots of buildings in the center.

The cathedral itself is not very impressive, we went in for first time after three years living in the country, we are not very religious haha, but the cloister is amazing, and with the snow on the roofs and on the plants was a very nice view.

In the center of the cloister there is a fountain with kind of a monk or a cardinal or something writing a book, it is a beautiful one, and was half frozen as you can see.

And the last one is from the Nieuwegracht or New Canal, a quiet and pleasant place to walk, you can see that water was half frozen, I am sure it froze completely after the weekend as it has been colder and it hadn't snowed these days. In Amsterdam I saw a picture of a terrace on a frozen canal, that's crazy!

Well, there it ended our cultural trip, after that we did what we best do, go to a bar to have lunch and then go to some pubs to have beers. Great Saturday.

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